Tiger swimmers take fifth at meet

The Versailles High School boys swim team placed fifth at the Beavercreek Invitational.

200 yard Medley Relay: 7th, Clint Morgan, Harrison Detrick, Kyle Dapore, Pete Barga, 2:02.79

200 yard Freestyle: 13th, Stuart Baltes, 2:52.27; 14th, Adam Gehret, 3:05.36

200 yard IM: 10th, Quincy Baltes, 2:31.14; 13th, Pete Barga, 2:53.82

50 yard Freestyle: 8th, Clint Morgan, 24.98; 14th, Harrison Detrick, 26.72; 15th, Kyle Dapore, 27.00; 28th, Nathanial Nelson, 33.52

100 yard Butterfly: 11th, Cole Condon, 1:04.75; 12th, Quincy Baltes, 1:05.85

100 yard Freestyle: 6th, Clint Morgan, 55.92; 21st, Mitchell Huelskamp, 1:14.97; 23rd, Nathanial Nelson, 1:19.86

500 yard Freestyle: 7th, Kyle Dapore, 6:44.70

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 4th, Cole Condon, Harrison Detrick, Quincy Baltes, Clint Morgan, 1:40.52; 12th, Stuart Baltes, Adam Gehret, Mitchell Huelskamp, Nathanial Nelson, 2:08.21

100 yard Backstroke: 8th, Cole Condon, 1:09.32; 13th, Pete Barga, 1:18.95; 16th, Stuart Baltes, 1:21.25

100 yard Breaststroke: 12th, Harrison Detrick, 1:16.62; 16th, Adam Gehret, 1:41.47; 17th, Mitchell Huelskamp, 1:47.89

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 6th, Quincy Baltes, Kyle Dapore, Pete Barga, Cole Condon, 4:04.78; 10th, Stuart Baltes, Adam Gehret, Mitchell Huelskamp, Nathanial Nelson, 5:16.54

Lady Tigers

take fifth

The Versailles High School girls swim team finished fifth at the Beavercreek Invitational.

200 yard Medley Relay: 3rd, Abbey Marshal, Heather Albers, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Lexi Fliehman, 1:58.74; 8th, Emily Kramer, Payton Berger, Faith Wilker, Tori Ahrens, 2:14.21; 12th, Courtney Batten, Taylor Cordonnier, Grace Francis, McKinzie Kruckeberg, 2:26.39; 13th, Morgan Frederick, Chloe Francis, Kari Mangen, Claire Keiser, 2:57.49

200 yard Freestyle: 11th, Emily Kramer, 2:20.38; 12th, Lauren Heitkamp, 2:27.18; 14th, Tori Ahrens, 2:54.46

200 yard IM: 4th, Abbey Marshal, 2:25.00; 6th, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 2:25.18

50 yard Freestyle: 2nd, Lexi Fliehman, 26.07; 6th, Rachel Subler, 27.66; 7th, Heather Albers, 27.80; 19th, McKinzie Kruckeberg, 31.98; 23rd, Chloe Francis, 32.84; 27th, Kari Mangen, 35.09; 30th, Morgan Frederick, 36.14

100 yard Butterfly: 6th, Abbey Marshal, 1:07.58; 13th, Grace Francis, 1:33.46; 14th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:43.81

100 yard Freestyle: 2nd, Lexi Fliehman, 55.89; 7th, Rachel Subler, 1:01.55; 16th, Payton Berger, 1:07.23; 21st, Tori Ahrens, 1:09.85; 31st, Kari Mangen, 1:20.54; 35th, Claire Keiser, 1:35.12

500 yard Freestyle: 11th, Emily Kramer, 6:26.10; 12th, Faith Wilker, 6:52.93; 13th, Courtney Batten, 7:13.48

200 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st, Ashlyn Cordonnier, Abbey Marshal, Rachel Subler, Lexi Fliehman, 1:46.51; 11th, Laruen Heitkamp, Chloe Francis, McKinzie Kruckeberg, Payton Berger, 2:06.29; 13th, Taylor Cordonnier, Kari Mangen, Morgan Frederick, Claire Keiser, 2:32.36

100 yard Backstroke: 10th, Lauren Heitkamp, 1:18.49; 11th, Courtney Batten, 1:19.21; 14th, Grace Francis, 1:28.61; 17th, Chloe Francis, 1:35.45; 19th, Morgan Frederick, 1:50.93; 26th, Claire Keiser, 1:53.53

100 yard Breaststroke: 5th, Ashlyn Cordonnier, 1:14.35; 8th, Heather Albers, 1:17.13; 13th, Payton Berger, 1:28.02; 17th, McKinzie Kruckeberg, 1:36.47; 18th, Taylor Cordonnier, 1:36.93

400 yard Freestyle Relay: 5th, Rachel Subler, Emily Kramer, Faith Wilker, Heather Albers, 4:10.27


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