Lady Tigers win; Lehman boys second

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By Michael Ullery

Jackie Siefring of Covington won the girls 100 meter hurdles event.
Jackie Siefring of Covington won the girls 100 meter hurdles event.
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TIPP CITY — The Troy boys and girls track and field teams swept the Miami County Invitational Tuesday night.

Covington boys, led by doubles from Lane White and Ben Miller, finished second.

White swept the 200, 22.43; and 400, 50.83; while Miller won the 110 hurdles, 15.69; and 300 hurdles, 42.88.

Also winning for Covington were the 400 relay (Dalton Bordelon, A.J. Ouellette, Miller, Brandon Magee), 45.97; and the 1,600 relay (Matt Carder, Magee, Alex Schilling, White), 3:42.53.

Piqua was fifth.

Brendan Fries was second in the discus, while Tate Honeycutt was third in the 200 and Ryan Neal was third in the long jump..

Miami East finished seventh.

Mack Rose led the Vikings with a second-place finish in the pole vault.

Newton took eighth.

Newton had a third-place finish in the 800 relay (Matt Larson, Zane Clymer, Matt Hart, Jack Yoder), while Brady McBride finished fourth in the 3,200.

Bradford finished 10th.

Rhyan Turner led the Railroaders with a fifth-place finish in the 300 hurdles, 46.21.

Miami East girls, led by Marie Ewing’s double finished second; while a perfect night from Jackie Siefring helped Covington finish third.

Ewing swept the the 800, 2:35.48; and 1,600, 5:35.63.

Also winning for East were Ashley Current, discus, 104-10; and the 1,600 relay (Renee DeFord, Ewing, Abby Hawkins, Emma Monnin), 4:31.63.

Siefring swept the 100 hurdles, 14.83; 300 hurdles, 49.06; 200, 26.12; and long jump, 17-1.

Also winning for Covington were Anna Dunn, 3,200, 12:10.39; the 3,200 relay (Carly Shell, Dunn, Hannah Retz, Julianna Yingst), 10:27.14.

Piqua was fourth.

The Lady Indians got second-place finishes from Hannah Went, 300 hurdles, 51.23; and Madison Evans, discus, 93-2.

Bradford tied for fifth.

The Lady Railroaders got a win from Shay LaFollette, high jump, 4-10. LaFollette was second in the 100 hurdles and Bailey Brewer was second in the 800.

Newton finished ninth.

Erica Cavender had a third-place finish in the 300 hurdles, while the 800 relay (Cavender, Trelissa Lavy, Madison Tebics, Morgan Miller) and the 1,600 relay (Tebics, Kasidi Stine, Lavy, Aliya Stine) also finished third.


Team scores: Troy 170, Covington 111.5, Tippecanoe 94, Milton-Union 66.5, Piqua 60, Bethel 55, Miami East 50, Newton 33, Troy Christian 14, Bradford 6.

Local Placers

3,200 Relay: 3.Miami East (Jacob Brown, Josh Ewing, Matthew Amheiser, Luke Mengos), 9:12.69; 5.Piqua (Dylan Jacobs, Jon Gerlach, Isaiah Garber, Andy Mayse), 9:38.66; 7.Newton (Tell Fisher, Atley King, Brett Sullivan, Zack Steck), 10:01.61.

110 Hurdles: 1.Ben Miller (Covington), 15.69; 2.Dalton Bordelon (Covington), 16.75; 8.Trey Harbour (Miami East), 18.20.

100: 2.A.J. Ouellette (Covington), 11.37; 6.Ryan Neal (Piqua), 11.79; 7.Gavin Scott (Piqua), 11.86; 8.Jalen Hudgins (Piqua), 11.89.

800 Relay: 3.Newton (Matt Larson, Zane Clymer, Matt Hart, Jack Yoder), 1:41.31; 5.Miami East (Devyn Carson, Luke House, Trey Harbour, Jordan Crawford), 1:44.14; 6.Covington (Casey Waag, Branden Robinson, Deron White, Riley Vanhise), 1:45.12.

1,600: 2.Alex Schilling (Covington), 4:41.42; 6.Brady McBride (Newton), 4:52.69; 7.Treyton Lavy (Newton), 4:59.31; 8.Andy Mayse (Piqua), 4:59.42.

400 Relay: 1.Covington (Dalton Bordelon, A.J. Oellette, Brandon Magee), 45.97; 5.Miami East (Nicholas Ochoa, Trey Harbour, Devyn Carson, Eric Kalo), 49.04; 6.Newton (Matt Larson, Zane Clymer, Matt Hart, Jack Yoder), 49.40; 7.Bradford (Bryson Canan, Nick Hoover, Kevin Fout, Rhyan Turner), 49.87.

400: 1.Lane White (Covington), 50.83; 4.Trent Yeomans (Covington), 55.37; 5.Matt Carder (Covington), 55.57; 7.Jalen Hudgins (Piqua), 57.06; 8.Brandon Tackett (Newton), 57.39.

300 Hurdles: 1.Ben Miller (Covington), 42.88; 2.Dalton Bordelon (Covington), 43.00; 4.Darien Tipps-Clemons (Piqua), 44.99; 5.Rhyan Turner (Bradford), 46.21; 8.Riley Vanhise (Covington), 47.60.

800: 5.Treyton Lavy (Newton), 2:18.75; 7.Austin Kowalak (Miami East), 2:21.18.

200: 1.Lane White (Covington), 22.43; 3.Tate Honeycutt (Piqua), 23.81; 6.Gavin Scott (Piqua), 24.26; 8.T.J. Iddings (Piqua), 24.80.

3,200: 4.Brady McBride (Newton), 10:32.39; 5.Andy Mayse (Piqua), 11:01.02.

1,600 Relay: 1.Covington (Matt Carder, Brandon Magee, Alex Schilling, Lane White), 3:42.53; 3.Miami East (Matthew Amheiser, Luke Mengos, Jordan Crawford, Josh Ewing), 3:53.92; 5.Piqua (Isaiah Garber, Darien Tipps-Clemons, Trent Yeomans, Tate Honeycutt), 3:57.45; 6.Newton (Brandon Tackett, Treyton Lavy, Zack Steck, Matt Hart), 4:01.52.

High Jump: 3.Luke House (Miami East), 5-8; 6.Michael Deeter (Miami East), 5-6.

Long Jump: 3.Ryan Neal (Piqua), 19-7 3-4; 5.Devyn Carson (Miami East), 18-8 1-4; 7.Shane Straw (Covington), 18-3 3-4; 8.Jack Yoder (Newton), 18-1 1-2.

Discus: 2.Brendan Fries (Piqua), 141-8; 8.Robert Gengler (Covington), 106-11.

Shot Put: 4.Brendan Fries (Piqua), 42-11 1-4; 5.Tyler Henry (Covington), 37-10 1-4; 6.Troy Arnett (Newton), 36-10 3-4.

Pole Vault: 2.Mack Rose (Miami East), 13-0; 3.Austin Rush (Miami East), 12-0; 4.(tie) Riley Vanhise (Covington), 11-0.


Team scores: Troy 177.5, Miami East 116, Covington 108, Piqua 48, Bradford 44, Bethel 44, Milton-Union 42, Tippecanoe 34.5, Newton 24, Troy Christian 20.

Local Placers

3,200 Relay: 1.Covington (Carly Shell, Anna Dunn, Hannah Retz, Julianna Yingst), 10:27.14; 2.Miami East (Abigael Amheiser, Lorenza Savini, Abby Hawkins, Sami Sands), 10:48.15; 6.Piqua (Juliya Hsaing, Kenna Bell, Kaili Ingle, Courtney Bensman), 11:32.58.

100 Hurdles: 1.Jackie Siefring (Covington), 14.83; 2.Shay LaFollette (Bradford), 16.13: 3.Hannah Went (Piqua), 17.12: 7.Emma Monnin (Miami East), 18.83; 8.Aliya Stine (Newton), 18.84.

100: 6.Kailyn Pond (Covington), 13.61.

800 Relay: 2.Miami East (Renee DeFord, Emma Monnin, Kelly Rindler, Sage Hunley), 1:54.48; 3.Newton (Erica Cavender, Trelissa Lavy, Madison Tebics, Morgan Miller), 1:57.35; 4.Piqua (Liz Duer, Teija Davis, Ainsleigh Spradlin, Danajha Clemons), 1:59.91; 5.Covington (Sadie Canan, Cassidy Cain, Savannah Schaurer, Allison Angle), 2:04.0.

1,600: 1.Marie Ewing (Miami East), 5:35.63; 2.Anna Dunn (Covington), 5:38.89; 3.Bailey Brewer (Bradford), 5:47.39; 5.Lorenza Savini (Miami East), 6:09.71.

400 Relay: 3.Covington (Kailyn Pond, Heidi Cron, Cassidy Cain, Allison Angle), 55.27; 4.Miami East (Sage Hunley, Jillian Wesco, Lindsey Roeth, Kelly Rindler), 55.72; 5.Piqua (Hannah Went, Teija Davis, Liz Duer, Danajha Clemons), 56.76.

400: 3.Heidi Cron (Covington), 63.86; 4.Marie Ewing (Miami East), 64.42; 5.Abby Hawkins (Miami East), 66.95; 6.Renee DeFord (Miami East), 66.98.

300 Hurdles: 1.Jackie Siefring (Covington), 49.06; 2.Hannah Went (Piqua), 51.23: 3.Erica Cavender (Newton), 53.29; 4.Emma Monnin (Miami East), 54.42; 6.Aliya Stine (Newton), 56.00; 8.Kaili Ingle (Piqua), 56.39.

800: 1.Marie Ewing (Miami East), 2:35.48; 2.Bailey Brewer (Bradford), 2:36.72; 4.Abby Hawkins (Miami East), 2:42.77; 5.Courtney Bensman (Piqua), 2:43.98; 6.Hannah Retz (Covington), 2:47.04; 7.Trelissa Lavy (Newton), 2:48.29.

200: 1.Jackie Siefring (Covington), 26.12: 7.Kelly Rindler (Miami East), 28.77; 8.Renee DeFord (Miami East), 28.93.

3,200: 1.Anna Dunn (Covington), 12:10.39; 2.Carly Shell (Covington), 12:28.63; 4.Lorenza Savini (Miami East), 13:00.41; 5.Abigael Amheiser (Miami East), 13:01.00.

1,600 Relay: 1.Miami East (Renee DeFord, Marie Ewing, Abby Hawkins, Emma Monnin), 4:31.63; 2.Covington (Kailyn Pond, Cassidy Cain, Julianna Yingst, Heidi Cron), 4:31.84; 3.Newton (Madison Tebics, Kassidi Stine, Trelissa Lavy, Aliya Stine), 4:36.61; 5.Piqua (Hannah Went, Teija Davis, Courtney Bensman, Damajha Clemons), 4:40.17; 7.Bradford (Mackenzie Weldy, Bailey Brewer, Gabby Fair, Adria Roberts), 5:07.66.

High Jump: 1.Shay LaFollette (Bradford), 4-10; 4.Gabby Fair (Bradford), 4-8.

Long Jump: 1.Jackie Siefring (Covington), 17-1; 5.Shay LaFollette (Bradford), 14-11 1-2.

Discus: 1.Ashley Current (Miami East), 104-10; 2.Madison Evans (Piqua), 93-2; 4.Megan Kinnison (Miami East), 92-8; 6.Savannah Charles (Piqua), 76-8; 7.Tadra Clemons (Piqua), 75-5; 8.Emma Linn (Miami East), 74-10.

Shot Put: 4.Karson Mahaney (Miami East), 30-3; 5.Trina Current (Miami East), 29-10 3-4; 8.Shay LaFollette (Bradford), 28-6 1-2.

Pole Vault: 6.(tie) Maria Mohler (Covington), 6-6.

Lady Tigers win

COLDWATER — The Versailles girl track and field team won a tri-meet at Coldwater, while the Tiger boys were third.

Russia boys and girls took second.

Boys team scores were Coldwater 110, Russia 85, Versailles 55.

Winning for Russia boys were Trevor Monnin, 400, 54.27; Kyle Poling, high jump, 6-2; Westin Lavy, pole vault, 11-6; and Nick Colby, discus, 138-11.

Winning for Versailles boys were Zach Steinbrunner, 110 hurdles, 17.33; and Alex Stucke, shot put, 47-2 3-4.

Girls team scores were Versailles 113, Russia 71, Coldwater 66.

Camille Watren swept the 100, 13.69; and 200, 27.77 for Versailles.

Also winning for Versailles girls were Valerie Francis, long jump, 15-8; and Baleigh Reed, discus, 99-10.

Russia’s Leah Francis swept the 100 hurdles, 16.98; and 300 hurdles, 52.66.

Also winning for Russia girls were Lauren Heaton, 400, 61.57; Claire Sherman, 800, 2:39.54; Molly Kearns, 3,200, 12:25.27; Christina Gaerke, shot put, 33-3 3-4; and the 800 relay (Francis, Karissa Voisard, Kirstin Voisard, Heaton), 1:55.94.

Cav boys second

GREENVILLE — The Lehman boys finished second in a quad meet at Greenville, while the girls finished fourth.

Boys team scores were Greenville 104.5, Lehman 73, Arcanum 41.5, Brookville 37.

Mitchell Slater swept the 110 hurdles, 16.55; and 300 hurdles, 43.12 for the Lehman boys, while Brad Montgomery won the shot put, 52-7 1-2; and discus, 178-11.

Also winning for Lehman were Joe Fuller, 1,600, 4:57.74; and Erick Jackson, 200, 23.79.

Girls team scores were Greenville 100.5, Arcanum 79.5, Brookville 50, Lehman 21.

Jenna Zimmerman swept the 1,600, 5:51.08; and 3,200, 12:53.35.

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