Lady Raiders win Joe Ward Invitational

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By Robbin Kiser

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GREENVILLE — The Piqua boys track and field team finished second at a tri-meet at Greenville Tuesday, while the girls finished third.

“I think we are ahead of where we were last year and it showed,” Piqua boys coach Scott Kaye said. “We also have an even distributions between the sprints, distance and field events, which shows our balance.”

The boys got wins from Tate Honeycutt, 100 (11.78); Jalen Hudgins, 400 (55.60); and Andy Mayse, 3,200 (10:56.87).

“Tate (Honeycutt) had a real strong night,” Kaye said. “Jalen (Hudgins) ran a great open 400 and Andy (Mayse) runs like a veteran.”

For the girls, Hannah Went swept the 100 hurdles, 17.25; and 300 hurdles, 52.43.

Went also teamed with Teija Davis, Madison Evans and Danajha Clemons to win the 1,600 relay (4:48.99).

Also winning were Ansleigh Spradlin, long jump, 13-1; Courney Bensman, 800, 2:45.44; and Evans, discus, 91-9.

“Last night pointed out some aspects that we need to really focus on but also surprised ourselves doing other things well,” Piqua coach Erika Butler said. “Although we have more girls this year we are still fairly young and inexperienced and over time our young athletes will become more comfortable with starts, handoffs, etc.

“Freshman placer Ansleigh Spradlin surprised herself at long jump clinching the first place spot with a 13-01 jump. Our veteran athletes did a great job last night with several first place finishes and a few third place finishes.”

Piqua was shorthanded in a few events.

“We have a few athletes out due to injuries and we are excited to get them healthy and back in the line up,” Butler said. ” However, I have to give props to these girls for being willing to step into any role asked of them. We have girls who have never done events stepping up as well as throwers entering running events and doing a great job. These girls are determined and willing to do whatever is asked of them to benefit their team.”

Piqua will run at Northmont Saturday


Team scores: Greenville 84, Piqua 47, Troy 44

Piqua Placers

3,200 Relay: 2.Piqua (Mitch Bim-Merle, Andy Mayse, Isaiah Garber, Dylan Jacobs), 9:42.65.

100: 1.Tate Honeycutt, 11.78; 3.Ryan Neal, 12.05.

800 Relay: 2.Piqua (Ryan Neal, Gavin Scott, T.J. Iddings, Tate Honeycutt), 1:37.48.

1,600: 3.Andy Mayse, 5:03.71.

400 Relay: 2.Piqua (Ryan Neal, Gavin Scott, Jalen Hudgins, Tate Honeycutt), 46.76.

400: 1.Jalen Hudgins, 55.60; 4.Isaiah Garber, 57.93.

800: 3.Dylan Jacobs, 2:24.61; 4.Isaiah Garber, 2:35.91.

200: Gavin Scott, 24.68.

3,200: 1.Andy Mayse, 10:56.87; 2.Mitch Bim-Merle, 12:29.05.

Discus: 2.Brendan Fries, 142-3.

Shot Put: 3.Brendan Fries, 43-1.

Long Jump: 3.Jalen Hudgins, 16-5.

High Jump: 3.T.J. Iddings, 5-4; 4.Darien Tipps-Clemons, 5-0.


Team scores: Greenville 78, Troy 55, Piqua 42.

3,200 Relay: 2.Piqua (Juliya Hoying, Kenna Bell, Kaili Ingle, Courtney Bensman), 11:51.54.

100 Hurdles: 1.Hannah Went, 17.25; Mallorie Combs, 19.58.

100: 3.Danjha Clemons, 14.64.

800 Relay: 3.Piqua (Hannah Went, Olivia Price, Ainsleigh Spradlin, Danajha Clemons), 2:03.64.

1,600: 3.Courtney Bensman, 6:20.23.

400: 3.Teija Davis, 1:12.89.

300 Hurdles: 1.Hannah Went, 52.43.

800: 1.Courney Bensman, 2:45.44; 4.Juliya Hsiang, 2:56.96.

1,600 Relay: 1.Piqua (Hannah Went, Teija Davis, Madison Evans, Danajha Clemons), 4:48.99.

Discus: 1.Madison Evans, 91-9.

Shot Put: 4.Madison Evans, 29-1.

Long Jump: 1.Ainsleigh Spradlin, 13-1.

Lady Raiders win

SIDNEY — The Russia girls won the Joe Ward Invitational, while the boys finished second Tuesday.

Lehman boys finished fifth and the girls were eighth.

Winning for Russia boys were the 3,200 relay (Alex Herron, Alex Seger, Conner Metz, Caleb Ball), 9:05.57; Ball, 899, 2:08.57; Kyle Poling, high jump, 6-0; ad Westin Lavy, pole vault, 12-0.

Winning for Lehman were Mitchell Schlater, 300 hurdles, 43.60; Brad Montgomery, discus, 138-8; and Ben Montgomery, shot put, 50-2.

Winning for Russia girls were the 3,200 relay (Claire Sherman, Molly Kearns, Shaelyn Goubeaux, Emily Borchers), 10:39.23; Lauren Heaton, 400, 61.66; Kearns, 3,200, 12:26.66; the 1,600 relay (Kirstin Voisard, Sherman, Karissa Voisard, Heaton), 4:29.33; and Borchers, high jump, 5-0.


Team scores: Lima Senior 132.5, Russia 112.5, Tecumseh 112.5, Sidney 94, Lehman 88, Stivers 43, New Knoxville 30, Sidney B 29.5.

Local Placers

3,200 Relay: 1.Russia (Alex Herron, Alex Seger, Conner Metz, Caleb Ball), 9:05.57; 3.Lehman (Nick Elsner, Joseph Simpson, Joe Fuller, Isaiah Winhoven), 9:24.09.

110 Hurdles: 2.Mitchell Schlater (Lehman), 16.45; 5.Adam Hoying (Russia), 17.56; 7.Zach Gariety (Russia), 19.41.

100: 4.Justin Stewart (Lehman), 11.68.

800 Relay: 4.Russia (Dalton Reese, Josh York, Trevor Monnin, Jack Moorman), 1:44.22.

1,600: 4.Joe Fuller (Lehman), 4:50.82; 8.Steven Stickel (Russia), 5:17.19.

400 Relay: 5.Russia (Cole Tebbe, John Heuing, Dalton Reese, Sam Cook), 51.38.

400: 4.Trevor Monnin (Russia), 54.56.

300 Hurdles: 1.Mitchell Schlater (Lehman), 43.60; 5.Zach Gariety (Russia), 49.53.

800: 1.Caleb Ball (Russia), 2:08.57; 4.Alex Herron (Russia), 2:15.51; 5.Nick Elsner (Lehman), 2:16.40.

200: 3.Justin Stewart (Lehman), 23.57.

3,200: 3.Alex Seger (Russia), 11:29.13; 4.Andrew Ball (Russia), 11:32.39; 7.Isaiah Winhoven (Lehman), 12:32.07.

1,600 Relay: 3.Russia (Westin Lavy, Caleb Ball, Trevor Monnin, Alex Herron), 3:48.01; 4.Lehman (Justin Stewart, Mitchell Schlater, Seth Brown, Joseph Simpson), 3:52.32.

High Jump: 1.Kyle Poling (Russia), 6-0; 6.(tie) David York (Russia), 5-8.

Long Jump: 8.Grant Gleason (Lehman), 16-4 -12.

Discus: 1.Brad Montgomery (Lehman), 138-8; 2.Ben Montgomery (Lehman), 138-7; 3.Nick Colby (Russia), 129-4; 4.Kyle Poling (Russia), 128-9.

Shot Put: 1.Ben Montgomery (Lehman), 50-2; 2.Brad Montgomery (Lehman), 48-9; 3.Nick Paulus (Russia), 43-6; 6.Kyle Poling (Russia), 40-3.

Pole Vault: 1.Westin Lavy (Russia), 12-0; 6.Rudy Langenkamp (Russia), 9-0.


Team scores: Russia 136, Lima Senior 126, Sidney 123, Tecumseh 102, New Knoxville 55, Stivers 45, Sidney B 26, Lehman 25.

3,200 Relay: 1.Russia (Claire Sherman, Molly Kearns, Shaelyn Goubeaux, Emily Borchers), 10:39.23.

100 Hurdles: 3.Leah Francis (Russia), 17.08.

100: 4.Lauren Heaton (Russia), 13.70; 8.Hannah Bornhorst (Russia), 14.53.

800 Relay: 4.Russia (Leah Francis, Hannah Bornhorst, Karissa Voisard, Kirstin Voisard), 2:00.81.

1,600: 2.Emily Borchers (Russia), 5:35.03; 3.Jenna Zimmerman (Lehman), 5:53.46; 5.Caroline Heitmeyer (Lehman), 6:01.98.

400 Relay: 4.Russia (Leah Francis, Grace York, Kirstin Voisard, Hannah Bornhorst), 55.81.

400: 1.Lauren Heaton (Russia), 1:01.66; 6.Madison Cline (Lehman), 1:09.08; 8.Grace York (Russia), 1:10.95.

300 Hurdles: 3.Leah Francis (Russia), 54.73; 8.Karissa Voisard (Russia), 58.42.

800: 3.Jenna Zimmerman (Lehman), 2:39.95; 4.Claire Sherman (Russia), 2:43.09; 8.Shaelyn Goubeaux (Russia), 2:51.23.

200: 2.Lauren Heaton (Russia), 28.27.

3,200: 1.Molly Kearns (Russia), 12:26.66; 2.Emilee Frazier (Russia), 12:56.07.

1,600 Relay: 1.Russia (Kirstin Voisard, Claire Sherman, Karissa Voisard, Lauren Heaton), 4:29.33.

High Jump: 1.Emily Borchers (Russia), 5-0; 8.Grace York (Russia), 4-0.

Long Jump: 3.Kirstin Voisard (Russia), 14-0; 5.Olivia Gorman (Lehman), 13-5.

Discus: 2.Rachel Pinchot (Russia), 77-4; 8.Jayme Baugher (Russia), 66-4.

Shot Put: 4.Christina Gaerke (Russia), 28-8; 7.Tessa Brown (Lehman), 25-5.

Pole Vault: 4.Grace York (Russia), 6-0.

Houston boys third

COLDWATER — The Houston boys finished third in a quad meet at Coldwater Tuesday, while the girls finished fourth.

Winning for Houston boys were the 800 relay (Zach McKee, Derrek Mayse, Zach Greytag, Jacob Braun), 1:41.08; Cody Meyer, high jump, 5-10; and Austin Sarver, discus, 130-11.


Team scores: Coldwater 83.5, Anna 77.5, Houston 57.5, Fort Loramie 12.5.

Houston Placers

200: 5.Cody Meyer, 26.28.

400: 3.Zach Freytag, 56.66.

800: 5.Azen Reier, 2:24.47.

1,600: 3.Devon Jester, 4:47.0.

3,200: 2.Devon Jester, 10:31.70; 3.Troy Riley, 11:34.98.

110 Hurdles: 2.Derrek Mayse, 19.22; 4.Kage Brubaker, 20.07.

400 Relay: 3.Houston (Zach McKee, Nick Jones, Zach Freytag, Evan Winner), 49.52.

800 Relay: 1.Houston (Zach McKee, Derrek Mayse, Zach Freytag, Jacob Braun), 1:41.08.

High Jump: 1.Cody Meyer, 5-10; 2.Jacob Braun, 5-8.

Pole Vault: 2.Nick Jones, 12-0; 3.Jacob Braun, 11-6.

Long Jump: 3.Cody Meyer, 19-6; 5.Quinton Cox, 17-8 3-4.

Shot Put: 3.Austin Sarver, 37-0 1-2.

Discus: 1.Austin Sarver, 130-11; 3.Nick Jones, 118-1.


Team scores: Coldwater 95.5, Fort Loramie 69.5, Anna 54.5, Houston 11.

Houston Placers

100: 2.Koyode Momon, 14.49.

200: 4.Jenna Green, 31.54.

800: 5.Heidi Cox, 3:04.11.

3,200: 4.Kaitlyn Ellison, 17:45.02.

Shot Put: 4.Kayla Kemp, 31-1.

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