Marriage licenses


Dustin Michael Goubeaux, 30, of 582 Fernwood Drive, Troy to Michael Wayne Myers, 30, of same address.

Brenda Sue Epley, 52, of 304 Oak Street, Troy to Randall Steven Epley, 61, of same address.

Rachel Elizabeth Sidwell, 34, of 110 Terrace Place, Troy to Joshua Steven Horvath, 39, of same address.

Jackson Paul Via, 24, of 116 W. Hamilton Street, West Milton to Natalie Jean Callahan, 23, of 12 Henry Street, Pleasant Hill.

Kristina Marie Nelson, 31, of 1124 Windsor Crossing Lane, Tipp City to Chris Eugene Echeman, 36, of same address.

Dana Lynne Wright, 30, of 121 N. Madison Street, Troy to Chad Donald Bruns, 32, of same address.

Rodney Wayne Retz, 46, of 216 N. Grant Street, Covington to Alicia Dyan Avey, 43, of same address.

Cynthia Annette Howell, 1010 S. Main Street, West Milton to Michael Allen Guisinger, of same address.

Michael Todd Campbell, 39, of 1515 Fairfax Avenue, Piqua to Michele Lynn Ashline, 33, of same address.

Samuel Robert Curtis, 20, of 840 Washington Street, Troy to Susan Jean Poliquin, 20, of same address.


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Some gave all
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