Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Chad Horton, Debra Horton to Rene Hall, Russell Hall, three lots, $251,000.

Daryl Chavis to Pamela Chavis, one lot, $0.

Barbara Hughes, Michael Hughes to Jennifer Babylon, one lot, $116,500.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Stonebridge Meadows LLC, one lot, $56,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Law Offices of John Clunk LPA, attorney in fact to Lauren Dugan, Michael Dugan, one lot, $0.

Crystal Kister, Roger Kister to Judith Gilhool, one lot, $132,000.

Strein LLC to Joshua Billheimer, two lots, $94,500.

Cynthia Charville, Richard Charville to John Schokoman, Jenny Sun, one lot, $277,000.

Gisela Anderson, Wayne Anderson to Robert Cooper, one lot, $153,800.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Jennifer Hermann to 31 Tamplin Drive Land Trust, one lot, $55,100.

Kimberly Tetrick, Matthew Tetrick to Matthew Eckard, one lot, $286,000.

Colin Heaney, Danielle Heaney to Carol Foster, one lot, $85,000.

PNC Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.

Kyra Fay, Ryan Fay to Jonathan Shirey, one lot, $95,000.

Stonebridge Meadows to NVR Inc., one lot, $32,500.

Anthony Scalice to Jolynn Scalice, Jolynn Strawser, one lot, $0.

Gary Gates, Leslie Gates to Donna Thompson, one lot, $213,500.

Summerfield Land Company to Stonebridge Meadows LLC, one lot, $0.

Amy Lucas, Stephen Lucas to Donna Farr, one lot, $182,000.

Chester Cantrell Life Estate, Kaitlin Cantrell, Zachary Cantrell, Kelly Monnin, Michael Monnin, Alice Wear, Sean Wear to Gregory Alspaugh, three lots, $53,000.

Kathryn Jordan, successor, Kathryn Jordan Third Amended Trust to Oscar Jimenez, Alma Lopez, one lot, $189,900.

June Nicholas to Jason Jacomet, one lot, $28,200.

Jason Jacomet to Amy Jacomet, Jason Jacomet, $0.

Winnie Mallory to Angela Hart, one lot, $179,000.

Jamie Waites, Jesse Wiates, John Wiates, Melissa Waites, Missy Waites to Jamie Waites, Jeni Wiates, Kathy Waites, one lot, $0.


Floyd McGillvary, Marie McGillvary to John Bruner, one lot, $47,300.

Joseph Hirschbolz Trust, Nancy Jacob, co=trustee, to Roland Sourmail, one lot, $12,500.

Geraldine Sexauer to Leeann Rostorfer,one lot, $0.

Peggy Supinger to Bill Nix Jr., Krista Nix, one lot, $146,000.

Casey Cook to Duane Cook Jr., one lot, $0.

Georgia Sirch to Carla Adams, Rita Meyer, one lot, $104,500.

Jan Bondurant, Julie Bondurant, Marilyn Bondurant, Mark Bondurant to Carolyn Mabbitt, Ronald Mabbitt, one lot, $179,900.

Jerry Hunolt to Christopher Koon, one lot, $125,000.


Alicia Ingle to Jordan Ingle, one lot, $0.


Candace Bucholtz, James Bucholtz, Harold Peele to Adam Valentine, one lot, $12,000.


Nichole Sherck, Thad Sherck to Jennifer Pham, Johnathon Pham, two lots, $181,000.

Arthur Coulter to Arthur Coulter, Jerome Zbikowski, two lots, $0.

NVR Inc. to Arla Potts, two lots, $207,200.


Kenneth Abdon, Patricia Abdon to Phillip Baker, one lot, $180,000.

Sherry Shellenberger to Michelle Fikes, William Fikes, one lot, $265,000.

Marie Hellman, Thomas Hellman to Marie Hellman, Thomas Hellman,one lot, $0.

James Bowling, Karen Bowling, Donna Jean Taylor to Deborah Day, Royce Day, two lots, $51,000.

Amy Fletcher, Jason Fletcher to Salita Kaistha, one lot, $442,000.


Raymond Landis, Susan Landis to Amy Mikesell, Cody Mikesell, two lots, $133,000.

John Herndon to Karen Herndon, one lot, $0.


Janet Johnson to Barrett Niekamp, 5.942 acres, $59,900.

R. Dale Pelfrey, Seonhee Lee Pelfrey to Jamie Norris, Scott Norris, 7.032 acres, $300,000.

JP Morgan Chase, N.A. to Michelle Sackett, one lot, $174,600.

Cynthia Long, David Long to David Long and Cynthia Long Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Cathy Barlette, Louis Bartlett to Megan Goins, Mary Lewis, $135,000.


Mark Combs to Aaron Hudgel, two lots, $94,000.

Anthony Bowman, Gaylene Bowman, Kyle Bowman to Kyle Bowman, Katie Markeson, one lot, $0.

Merrimont Development Corp. to Douglas Wissman, Jill Wissman, one lot, $79,900.


Brandi Lavender, Brandi Roeth, Justin Roeth to Larry Lavender, 0.554 acres, $150,000.


Sherry Swigart, Rob Yantis, Sherry Yantis to Micha Betzner, 0.349 acres, $99,900.

Micha Betzner, Sarah Betzner to Micha Betzner, Sarah Betzner, 0.349 acres, $99,900.


Richard Konicki to Megan Holfinger, 1.0 acre, $142,900.

Estate of Burton Spires to Beth Spires, Ralph Spires, one lot, $0.


David Painter, Diane Painter to Amie Hollinger, Peter Hollinger, 10.515 acres, $168,500.

John Trochelman to Chad Bauer, Nicole Bauer, 2.621 acres, $89,900.


Betty Huffman Revocable Living Trust, Gerald Huffman Revocable Living Trust, Phyllis Huffman, successor to Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Kay Snider, trustee, Steven Snider, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust, 81.869 acres, $1,168,400.

Betty Huffman Revocable Living Trust, Gerald Huffman Revocable Living Trust, Phyllis Huffman, successor to Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Kay Snider, trustee, Steven Snider, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust, 57.917 acres,$0.


Estate of Robert Wright to Reva Wright, $0.

Estate of Robert Wright to Reva Wright, 1.177 acres, $0.

Estate of Robert Wright to Reva Wright, $0.

Reva Wright to Carolyn Hensley, $16,600.

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