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By Jennifer Runyon

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Hello everyone! Boy, do I have a lot to say today so I’m just going to jump right in.

Let me start with my eye. In my last column I wrote about how I had to have a cornea transplant done. The cornea finally attached but because blood got trapped behind the cornea I still couldn’t see. The doctor said that it would take care of itself and eventually my vision would return little by little. Well it did! My vision got better each day. It’s still not perfect but it’s much better than it was before the surgery.

OK, now that I’ve filled you in on the eye, let’s talk diabetes. Also in the last column I said that I was trying some new techniques. These have been working well! The change that has had the biggest effect is waiting 10 minutes after I bolus to eat. Of course when you eat it causes you’re blood sugar to increase. Type 1 diabetics must give themselves insulin to keep the carbohydrates they’re eating from making their blood sugar go too high. I was having problems with my sugar going high after I ate even if I bolused the exact right amount. Giving the insulin a 10 minute head start prevents this from happening most of the time! I have trouble remembering to wait those 10 minutes before I dig in and believe me; I can tell whenever I forget. About an hour after the meal, that familiar pain in my head and funny feeling in my heart starts and I know my sugar is high because I didn’t give the insulin that lead time.

Another change I’ve made is how I treat my lows. I’ve been determined to keep my sugar out of the 200s for a while now. A little while back I came to a realization and shared it with Justin (He just loves when I do this I’m sure) I said, “In order to keep from going high, I have to prevent lows.” You see, I was unknowingly over treating nearly every low. A common belief in diabetes is to treat a low, also known as a hypoglycemic event if we want to be fancy, with 15 carbs. I read an article about how to improve your A1C and it said to treat lows with 8 carbs. Desperately wanting to get off the diabetes roller coaster of highs and lows, I figured I’d give it a try. I’m not convinced that this is absolutely the way to go, but I can tell you that I have not gone high from over treating a low since I started doing this. Sometimes 8 (I actually do 9 or 10 for ease of measuring the juice) just isn’t enough and I must do more. Starting with this less amount though seems to be the way to go.

Also, I’m trying to go low carb as much as possible and to limit the carbs I get at each meal. I try to keep meals at no more than 50 carbs and no more than 20 for a snack. Now, I’m human so this doesn’t always happen and that is OK! I also allow myself some slack on Saturdays in an attempt to keep my sanity.

I’m intent on getting 30 minutes of exercise a day. I do this by walking the dog while the kids ride their bikes. Usually dinner is my most carb-loaded meal so I walk following it. This is just another way to try to avoid the blood sugar spike plus we can all use some exercise and fresh air, right?

And finally I discovered the best app in the entire world! It’s called mySugr Companion and it is run by type 1 diabetics! There’s also a mySugr Junior. It actually makes diabetes management fun and you can tell they really get it! They refer to diabetes as the monster and users are monster tamers. Each item you enter, i.e. blood sugar, carbs, bolus amounts, etc., gives you points. When you reach 50 points, the monster’s mouth gets zipped and a ball and chain hangs off of it. It shows you your daily average +/- your point difference. I look at this all the time since I want to avoid the huge swings in blood sugars. You can add all sorts of tags and it has the coolest sound effects! There’s so many great things about this app I can’t explain them all. Just let me say this, if you have type 1 diabetes, you must get this app! Go! Now! Get it!

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