Piqua PD promotes ‘Girl Cops Are Awesome’

Photo contest now open

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PIQUA — We’ve watched a 4-year-old Vancouver, Wash., girl go viral and create a social media movement that is both fun and could help our recruiting efforts. Search “Girl cops are awesome” and “#girlcopsareawesome” and see what is happening. We want to see this movement in Piqua while bringing attention to all of our awesome officers, female and otherwise. It’s also a good time to highlight the Piqua Police Department Police Officer of the Year, Officer Paula Craft. This is an award bestowed annually by all officers of the department, and Officer Craft is the first female to receive the award.

The little girl from Washington, Kinley” wanted to be a police officer for Halloween this year and bought a costume that looked like a police officer. She was disappointed when she got it home and realized from the packaging that it was a boy costume. It was her mother’s social media post and photo that went viral.

“It’s been many decades since female police officers wore one uniform and males another,” according to Chief Bruce Jamison. “We encourage any child who wants to dress as a police officer for Halloween to wear a costume that looks like the police officers we hope they will try to be when they grow up.”

We want photos of Piqua kids supporting the “Girl Cops Are Awesome” movement. Submit your photos by tagging them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Tag us (find us, we’re on all three), or hashtag #girlcopsareawesome and “ppd” on your photo posted to social media. Officer Paula Craft and Officer Mallory Lash will judge the photos.

The photo should include your child in their Halloween costume showing their support for police officers. This support could be shown by holding a sign or artwork. We would love to see one of our officers in the picture! Be creative! Please do not approach officers actively engaged in enforcement activity (traffic stops, arrests, investigations).

Two winning pictures will be chosen. They will be printed and mailed to the young police supporter in Vancouver, along with a Piqua Police patch. We will also attempt to contact the winners for permission to use the photos elsewhere, and make a special visit to the child in the photo.

Deadline for submission is 9 p.m. On Thursday, Oct. 29 (Piqua’s Beggar’s Night).

Photo contest now open

For the Daily Call


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