Stolen gun leads to arrest

By Sam Wildow - [email protected]


PIQUA — Piqua police arrested a man on Saturday, Aug. 22, after a gun, personal checks, and other items were reported stolen that same day. In connection with this incident, Thomas L. Hicks, 41, of Piqua is facing charges of third-degree felony theft, fifth-degree felony theft, first-degree misdemeanor theft, first-degree misdemeanor passing a bad check, and first-degree misdemeanor violation of a temporary protection order.

The victim reported the items stolen from the 1200 block of South Roosevelt Avenue on Saturday at 10:14 a.m. United National Bank notified the victim shortly before then about Hicks allegedly attempting to cash a personal check from the victim’s account in the amount of $125, according to Miami County Municipal Court records. The clerk reportedly noticed that the signature on the check did not match the signature on file for the victim. The victim told the bank that the check was stolen and not to cash it.

The original check used in the incident along with a photocopy of Hicks’ identification, which was presented at the time Hicks reportedly requested to cash the check, were provided to police.

Hicks was reportedly living with the victim at the time, so the victim then took note several items missing from her home. According to Miami County Municipal Court records, those items include: a 9mm semi-automatic Sig Sauer handgun with 50 rounds of ammunition and an extra magazine, 200 personal checks, a lock box, a Rigid brand battery-powered combo tool set, extra battery packs, and a Stihl brand leaf blower.

Hicks was later arrested on the 600 block of Second Street. A magazine loader was reportedly found on him at the time of his arrest. Since then, a gun holster and Sig Sauer 9mm magazine have been recovered. The firearm has not yet been recovered.

Hicks is currently being held at the Miami County Jail on $10,500 bond. A preliminary hearing for Hicks will be held on Sept. 2.


By Sam Wildow

[email protected]

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on [email protected]

Reach Sam Wildow at (937) 451-3336 or on [email protected]

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