The chase

By Melanie Yingst

August 13, 2014

By Melanie Yingst


MIAMI COUNTY — Chasing chickens, snagging swine and avoiding a feisty bull was all part of some good old fashion barn yard fun during Sunday evening’s livestock scramble at the Miami County Fair.

Hundreds of people filled the grandstands to watch children chasing swift chickens at a chance for a dollar prize and a ribbon on Sunday.

Landen Francis, 5, of Troy, showed off his ribbon and dollar prize after his chicken chasing adventure.

“It was easy. I just picked up by the tail,” Francis said.

Landen also watched as his big brother Kaden snared a sheep during the scramble.

Jaycee Roeth, 6, of Troy, also enjoyed her turn in the scramble pen. She managed to scoop up a chicken during the chase.

“I just wanted to have fun with my friends — I got money and a ribbon,” she said.

Jaycee’s little sister Jorgia, 4, also scooped up a feathered friend in the chicken scramble.

“It was great!” she said. “It feels funny when they flap their wings at you in your face — like grabbing a turkey, only smaller,” Jorgia said.

Older 4-H members got a chance to harness beef feeders, greased up piglets and a few wild sheep during the scramble. Current 4-H members must write an essay to enter the livestock scramble to show donated 4-H projects to show at the 2015 Miami County Fair.

Wyatt Baker, 11, of Piqua, entered the sheep scramble to try his luck at winning a lamb from the scramble.

“I show pigs, but I want to try showing sheep next year so I signed up to try to win one tonight,” Baker said.

Local breeders donate animals to the winners of the livestock scramble to help promote their species. Most junior fair shows had separate scramble classes for each 4-H member to show their donated projects during this year’s fair.

Local Miami County educators also got in on the fun evening as they went “Running with the Bull.”

Each of the educators sat around the table awaiting an angry charge from a young bull who romped around the ring before they had to scramble for their prize winning pigs. The first one to leap from their seat had to forfeit their chance — and potential bragging rights — to continue on with the pig scramble within the same ring as the young bull.

Miami East Local Schools’ art teacher Noelle Mumpower-Davis clung to her greased up piglet as the bull waited in the ring.

The following Miami County educators participated in the scramble: Dana Dickison — Milton Union; Curtis Enis — Bradford Exempted Village Schools; Chrissy Henger — Newton Local Schools; Mitch Hirsch — West Central Juvenile Detention; Josh Long — Covington Exempted Village Schools; Abby Manson — Bethel Local Schools; Katie Motter — Piqua City Schools; Tami Mumford and Noelle Mumpower-Davis — Miami East Local Schools; and Jeff Schultz — Troy City Schools.

More Miami County Fair fun continues today.