Vehicles can tell stories, too

By Jeremy Wallace

August 10, 2014

By Jeremy Wallace


TROY — The Miami County Fair Cruise-in attracted many classic cars and even a truck with a long history in Miami County.

The Miami Valley Kruzers joined forces with the Piqua Antique Car Klub to put on a cruise-in at the 2014 Miami County Fair. This gathering of automobiles wasn’t for prizes — just car enthusiasts, admirers and anyone who enjoys cars.

This event was packed with many different vehicles makes, models and colors. A 1918 E-49 Buick was on display as was a seven-passenger, six-cylinder with a selling price of $1,495 in 1918. There were only 5,643 models of this vehicle made.

One vehicle has a particular tie to the Miami Valley — a 1952 dark green Ford F-5 owned by Harold Stover. Stover is the president of the Miami Valley Kruzers. Wayne Mullen told a story about how he was one of the former owners and how the truck has seen a lot of Miami County since ‘52.

The vehicle was purchased in Plain City, at Bob Chapman Ford, in 1952 by Ed Tullis. He paid approximately $1,600 for the brand new truck. Tullis used the flatbed truck to transport soap from places like Chicago. Years later Mullen bought the truck from Tullis and used it on his farm to haul grain. The odometer read 23,000 miles when Mullen bought it.

“I was told that this truck could haul 8 tons and go 55 miles per hour, but I found out that wasn’t true,” Mullen said with a laugh.

Mullen sold the truck to Dean Caven of Caven’s Meats in Conover. Caven used this truck for his business as well. The truck was then sold to a man at Midwest Forklift, who had it for only a month. Stover then bought the truck and didn’t find out the long history until the cruise-in this year. Today the truck has 54,000 miles on its odometer.

“I bought this truck because my wife was raised on a farm and we both loved trucks,” Stover said.

The Miami Valley Kruzers have been around for more than 40 years. The club only started coming to the Miami County fair for the past two to three years.

“We are here to support the fair and bring something to it that hopefully everyone will enjoy,” Stover said.

The Kruzers and the Piqua Antique Car Klub decided to come together and have one large event for the attendees of the fair.

The wheels began to roll in 1971, when the Piqua Antique Car Klub (P.A.C.K.) was formed by a group of car enthusiasts that got together because they enjoyed having and working on old cars. By forming the club they could share their similar like for cars and interests with others.

Since the beginning, the club was open to anyone interested in learning more about classic cars, their restoration and maintenance. For the past 25 to 30 years P.A.C.K. holds a celebration at the Miami County Fairgrounds.

“We look forward to this every year and our club especially likes getting together for the fair,” Ray Eyler, chairman of Piqua Antique Car Klub, said.

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