Y’all Come!

Randi Simon-Serey

July 16, 2014

There’s a song that Bill Monroe, Dolly Parton, and the Oak Ridge Boys recorded that most of you have heard. Written by Arlie Duff in 1953, it goes like this:

When you live in the country,

Everybody is your neighbor.

On this one thing you can rely!

They’ll all come to see you

And never, ever leave you,

Sayin’ “You all come to see us by and by!”

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Well, you all come to see us now and then!

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Y’all come! Y’all come!

Well, you all come to see us when you can!

Easter Seals Adult Day Services Piqua, known by many people as Sunrise Center provides activities for older adults in our community. Family members can feel secure knowing that their loved ones enjoy the company of other men and women who share common interests and needs. The staff includes an RN and aides trained to ensure a safe, supervised setting while involving participants in a wide variety of mentally-stimulating pursuits. A hot lunch is offered daily and transportation within Miami County is available.

What do the people at the center have to say about it? Jeff comments that “everybody is so neat and cool, and they get along!” He adds that participants get “to meet people they would never meet on the street,” including individuals from all walks of life. In truth, there have also been several instances in which people met someone from their past whom they hadn’t seen in years, giving them a chance to get acquainted all over again.

Bonnie states that coming to the center “keeps you younger … people make you laugh,” nixing the idea of “just setting in a chair” at home watching tv. There is no watching tv at the center; the big screen is used for Wii games like bowling, with staff members helping people work the remote control. Participants also have the opportunity to play such group games as penny toss, noodleball, and balloon stomp, to name a few. The newly-formed Senior Rockers Dance Club recently

created itself, sitting in a circle of chairs while each person contributes an idea for a dance move, and then performing the whole unique dance together from the safety of their chairs. “Watch the old folks groove!” says Bonnie. “Speak for yourself!” mutters Judy.

Participants also get to enjoy many benefits from using computers, playing brain games or watching YouTube videos on the desk top, and listening to different kinds of music on one of the iPads. Bluegrass? Classical? Belly dancing? Cowboy? Irish? Opera? Big band? Polka? African drums? Zydeco? Elvis? They’ve heard it all.

That includes live music from local musicians who visit the center at least twice a month and sometimes more often. Participants also get to make music themselves, playing percussion instruments together, learning to use hand bells, or joining in sing-alongs. It’s not a job requirement, but every staff member has sung or danced at some time in some way at the center, although there are no plans to give up their day jobs!

Different arts and crafts are always part of the calendar, especially when George comes. Students from Upper Valley Career Center help during the school year, but otherwise George directs the staff to assist with varied projects. Several participants won ribbons for their painted ceramics, and the painted birdhouses they worked on were sold at an Alzheimer’s Association fundraiser.

And what would an activity center be without animals? Participants have enjoyed visits from rabbits, dogs, a donkey named “Candy,” a disabled owl from Brukner Nature Center, and a hairless cat.

Each person is different: some people like lots of company, while others consider themselves to be loners. Some people are independent in finding ways to keep their minds stimulated, while others need gentle guidance to find their way. When people become disabled, it’s often difficult for them and their families to adapt to new ways to enjoy their lives. Part of the purpose of Easter Seals Adult Day Services Piqua is to discover and meet the needs of each individual, providing person-centered care, respecting everyone’s differences and changes.

You’re invited to schedule a visit to see for yourself what the center has to offer. Call Michelle Caserta at 778-3680 for an appointment and directions. As the song says, “Everybody is your neighbor - on this one thing you can rely!”

Y’all come!