Gun owner accidentally fires round through home, no injuries reported

By Will Sanders

June 18, 2014

By Will E Sanders


PIQUA — A Piqua man hoping to put down a distempered raccoon accidentally fired a bullet that went into a nearby home on Friday, but thankfully nobody was injured, according to sheriff’s reports.

The incident transpired in the 6100 block of West State Route 185, Piqua, when gun owner Robert N. Cline, 56, fired two shots from his .44 Magnum pistol at a raccoon.

While the second shot struck and killed the raccoon, Cline told sheriff’s deputies is first shot “missed high.”

Cline, who was not charged with a crime, was spoken to by deputies about firearms safety.

Reports state Cline was “very distraught” after learning about the wayward bullet and offered to pay for any damages.

The owner of the home that was struck by the bullet, Edward J. Davis, told deputies the bullet struck his house, traveled through an interior wall, proceeded into the house and cracked a window on his entertainment center. The round struck approximately four feet from the floor.

“(The round) traveled across the room to the entertainment center,” a sheriff’s lieutenant wrote in his report. “Mr. and Mrs. Davis voiced their anger and worry about the round traveling into their house and main family television room.”

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

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