By Bethany Royer

June 11, 2014

Dear editor:

Throughout the past five years the Piqua Fire Department Public Safety Dive Team has advanced substantially through advanced training and skill programs. The team has gone from just having divers to advancinginto Public Safety Divers, adding new members and training at a higher level. The growth of your dive team is due to the overwhelming support from the citizens of Piqua and surrounding areas. The support has come from the various levels of leadership throughout the City of Piqua and the generosity of private donations, local foundations,and businesses. Furthermore, with this support your Piqua Fire Department dive team hasbeen able to respond to a great deal of rescue and recovery dive operations. If a dive team is requested and utilized, there is a high probability your Public Safety Divershas responded and performed. The responses have been throughout Miami and Montgomery County. The dive operations have provided a valuable service to communities and grieving family members, due to the support of the citizens of Piqua. The members of the dive team are very grateful for all your support and appreciation. Having the opportunity to work for the citizens of Piqua is, indeed, a privilege.


Paul Brown

Piqua Fire Department Dive Team Leader