Letter to editor: Garbo gives thanks

By Bethany Royer

June 3, 2014

Dear editor:

On May 26, I was involved in a three car accident on US 36/Looney Road in Piqua. I would like to offer kudos to the Piqua Paramedics, Firemen, and Policemen. The timing and response of the squad was amazing. Special thanks to Kris Lee for all his assistance on the scene. After the collision, my ninety two year old mother was trapped in my vehicle. While Tony the paramedic treated my injuries he continually kept me updated of my mother’s condition. The compassion and care that we received that day was priceless. To Jean Hill that offered me her car and support and to all the passerby’s that stopped to see if they could help, my gratitude can never be fully expressed. Although my car is totaled, my Mother and I are still here to give thanks to all of you for your kindness.

Thank you again,

Shirley Borts-Garbo