Collaboration comes to successful close

Bethany J. Royer

May 2, 2014

Bethany J. Royer

Staff Writer


PIQUA — A collaboration between the Upper Valley Career Center and the Piqua YWCA to bring awareness of human trafficking to students came to a succesful close Friday afternoon. Staff from both, along with students, and under direction of student activist, Stephanie Johnson, supervisor, utilized social media, posters, t-shirts and more to spread the message of awareness.

Passing out free cookies wasn’t a bad method, either.

“If you wore our awareness shirt, then you get a free cookie,” explained Sarah Almashy, a student of the Interactive Media II program, who was joined by Leesa Baker, YWCA executive director, Lynn Marroletti, YWCA program director, and Bruce Jamison, Piqua Chief of Police, at the cafeteria to give out cookies.

Almashy was one of many who had volunteered to help bring awareness to other students through the Red X Campaign, one that included t-shirts designed by Digital Design and Print Technologies students who silk screened more than 130 shirts in only two days.

“I thought it was really great to be a part of and it’s really great to see all these Red X shirts to know we got the word spread,” continued Almashy, who provided daily announcements on facts regarding human trafficking and posting of Red X posters throughout the halls contributed to the cause, along with an online scavenger hunt and raising $250 through t-shirt sales that will be donated to the YWCA so awareness efforts may continue.

Johnson expressed her appreciation to all those who volunteered and stated in a press release, “Our students are very proud of their efforts, as there has been a great deal of discussion about the topic. We are certainly more aware of what human trafficking is and how to stop it.”

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