Pratt the ‘perfect fit’

By Susan Hartley

April 30, 2014

To the Editor:

I have been practicing law in this county for over 30 years and I’d like to think I might know a little bit about what it takes to be a good judge. We have been blessed to have Bob Lindeman on the Common Pleas court bench here in Miami County for over the past two decades. Alas, he is retiring so a replacement must be found. Ideally, a person who possesses the same disposition, intelligence and integrity would be the perfect fit.

Being a Common Pleas Court judge is not an easy job, nor would we expect it to be. The intangibles possessed by a judge are vital. This is not a popularity contest. It isn’t even about who has handled the most cases. It is about who is the best fit. Jeannine Pratt is seeking election on May 6 for the Common Pleas Court bench. She possesses high moral character, she is fair and impartial, and will work tirelessly on behalf of the citizens of Miami County. I have known Jeannine for 20 years, the last 17 of which she has worked in our county for the prosecutor’s office. She knows the people and knows what is required of this difficult position.

I believe Jeannine Pratt possesses all of the intangibles we would want in our next judge. I believe her to be the perfect fit and would ask that you join me on May 6 in voting for Jeannine Pratt as the next Common Pleas judge in Miami County.

Jack Hemm