Strong support for Pratt

By Susan Hartley

April 27, 2014

To the ditor:

We think the position of Common Pleas Court Judge should be taken seriously and we feel strongly about taking this position to endorse Jeannine Pratt. It came as no surprise to us when we got the phone call from our close friend, Jeannine Pratt, letting us know that she had decided to run for Common Pleas Court Judge. This is something that we had previously discussed and she knew we would support her in any way possible. Before this campaign if you had asked us to describe our “friend” Jeannine, we would have easily described her as loyal, honest and very professional. Now describing “candidate” Jeannine we can take those same qualities to the next level that certainly supports the position of a judge; integrity, commitment and good judgment.

Without hesitation we are confident that Jeannine’s experience and passion for public service will make her an excellent Common Pleas Court Judge. Jeannine is in the Common Pleas Court everyday prosecuting cases for the citizens of Miami County. Jeannine Pratt has successfully and effectively handled many difficult and demanding cases in the Miami County Prosecutor’s office. Though some have pointed out that 750 cases compared to that of her opponent don’t sound like a lot but most of these cases were very complex and lengthy with multiple issues, parties and attorneys involved. They involve experts and professionals. It is not uncommon for these trials to go on for 3-5 days.

It is disappointing that people are letting political party politics get in the way of focusing on the values and strengths of the best candidate. Jeannine has dedicated the past 17 years helping and protecting the children of Miami County, prosecuting Child Abuse and Neglect. Additionally she has handled felony criminal cases and participated in grand jury review. When speaking to colleagues and those who have worked in the Miami County court system with Jeannine they said Jeannine Pratt has always conducted herself with the utmost professionalism, with integrity and competence. Jeannine Pratt is a lifelong Catholic and conservative republican and we can count on her to uphold the law, not engage in political activism and make Miami County very proud. We have already cast our vote for Jeannine Pratt and we encourage you to do the same and vote for her on May 6.


Stacy and Benny Scott