Ft. Wayne stabbing victim/suspect located in Miami County

By Michael Ullery

April 20, 2014

Mike Ullery

Staff Photographer


PIQUA — A case that began in Indiana and ended in Miami County has investigators from Ohio and Indiana working together to solve the Easter day incident.

Local authorities received information that a female subject was reportedly stabbed sometime early Sunday morning in Ft. Wayne and that she and the man who allegedly stabbed her might be on their way to the Piqua area. The victim, who was reported to have been stabbed multiple times and her alleged assailant drove to Piqua and where he dropped her off at a relative’s, or friend’s home. She was then transported to Upper Valley Medical Center for treatment.

As information about the case was being gathered by Miami County law enforcement agencies, a traffic crash was reported in the 1500 block of Nicklin Avenue in Piqua.

According to Lt. Marcos Rodriguez of the Piqua Police Department, the crash occurred at 5:47 p.m. and officers on the scene found an SUV that had crashed into a parked vehicle. Rodriquez said that it was determined that the SUV involved in the crash was the one that was wanted in connection with the stabbing.

The driver of the vehicle, Tommy Townsend, 45, was arrested at the scene. He faces a charge of OVI from Piqua police in connection with the crash.

The vehicle was impounded. Detectives from Ft. Wayne arrived early Sunday evening to interview the suspect, who was under guard at UVMC and the victim, who was transported to a Dayton-area hospital for further treatment, and to execute a search warrant on the vehicle.

Ft. Wayne police are, “in the process of requesting a warrant for his (Townsend’s) arrest from the Allen County (Indiana) prosecutor’s office,” said Mike Joiner, public information officer for Ft. Wayne police. Joiner said that one of the charges will be aggravated battery. Joiner said, “At some point we will seek extradition from your jurisdiction, back here.”

Townsend was released from the hospital and transferred to the Miami County jail where he faces the OVI charge. He is also awaiting the filing of charges by Ft. Wayne police.

The victim’s name and condition has not been released.