Jailed woman died of heroin OD

By Melanie Yingst

April 2, 2014

Melanie Yingst


MIAMI COUNTY — The death 21-year-old woman who died at Miami County Jail on Feb. 2 has been ruled “heroin intoxication” by the Montgomery County Coroner’s office.

The toxicology report was released Wednesday by Miami County Coroner Dr. Steve Huffman. The deputy coroner filed the autopsy findings on March 26, which stated Katnie Moore died of heroin intoxication.

The report found Moore had several opiates in her system at the time of death, including testing positive for codeine, morphine, monoacetylmorphine (a component of heroin) and lidocaine.

“The manner of death will be accidental and cause of death will be heroin overdose when I file the final death certificate,” Dr. Huffman said in an email with the autopsy report.

On Feb. 2, Moore was pronounced dead at Upper Valley Medical Center after she was found unresponsive in her jail cell at the downtown Miami County Jail at 11 a.m. that morning.

The preliminary autopsy report states Moore had high levels of fluid in her lungs at the time of her death and showed no signs of external trauma.

Duchak said Moore shared no medical ailments or recent drug or alcohol use at the time of her incarceration on Jan. 31 with the jail’s medical staff.

Duchak also said Moore had apparently vomited in her bed at some point before she died.

Duchak said jail nursing staff and corrections officers responded with CPR and an automated external defibrillator machine, but Moore was pronounced dead at UVMC.

According to public records, Moore was incarcerated in the downtown jail facility after violating a temporary protection order on Jan. 31. She was charged with domestic violence on Jan. 20 by the Troy Police Department and a temporary protection order was granted for the victim in that incident on Jan. 21.