Let’s Band Together

By Susan Hartley

April 2, 2014

By David Wysong

Staff Writer

PIQUA — Drug abuse is a very troubling epidemic in America. People all over the country abuse drugs, and it is so difficult to stop them. There are rehab and recovery places almost everywhere. One that is local is the Miami County Recovery Council. Piqua High School is raising money for them the week of March 31 through April 4, but in a fun way.

Friday, April 4, Piqua will be having an “Air Band Contest,” where students will compete to see who can impersonate a music band the best. Costs to attend the contest will be $1 to go to the Miami County Recovery Council. The slogan for the week is, “Let’s Band Together to be Drug Free.”

The “Air Band Contest” will consist of seven bands. The bands are “One Speed” and the members are seniors David Wysong, Daniel Monnin, Alex Thobe, Alex Thompson, Bryan Mayze, Austin Reedy, Jacob Teague, and Dakota Rench. Another group is “Jay and the Nibblets” and their members are seniors Sean Murphy, Matt Patrizio, Aaron Shroyer, Matt Stollmer, and Taylor Baumeister.

There is “ Stunna and the Goobers,” with seniors Xavier Harrison, Hunter Comstock, Dom Stone, Buddy Nix, Jacob Sowry, AJ Epley, and Kyle Smith. Another group is “A-Mayze-ING” with members are CJ Tipps, Andy Mayze, Davon Parshall, Brendan Aric Tipps.” There is “Super Condor” whose members are Danny Rudy, Nick Clayton, and Jeff Williams.

The last two groups are “Prestige World Wide Wide Wide” with members are Bailey Lyons, Griffen Jennings, Jared Younce, and Justin Younce and the final group is “Who Let the Nerds Out?” and their members are Megan Craft, Jacob Ganger, Alaina Mikolajewskie, Lyric Wyan, and Luke Hanes.

The “Air Band Contest” should be a fun event for Piqua High Schoolers to attend. The best part about it is that it is for a good cause.