City’s southwest side stricken with burglaries

By Will Sanders

March 19, 2014

By Will E Sanders


PIQUA — The city’s southwest side has been suffering from a spike in residential burglaries in the past three weeks, and police are urging citizens in that area to be especially mindful of locking doors and windows.

Piqua Police Chief Bruce Jamison said the department has identified a rise in burglaries in the south end of the city, specifically a six-block area centered around Summit and Leonard streets where he said five burglaries — some of them in broad daylight — have taken place since the start of March.

Just outside of that proximity, Jamison said, two other burglaries have also taken place.

“Residents who observe suspicious activity occurring should call 911 so patrol units can be dispatched to investigate,” the chief of police said. “While it is always a good practice, especially now, care should be taken to secure doors and windows and keep valuables well-secured and hidden inside your residence. … Good habits developed as a result of this alert should continue even after we apprehend those responsible for these crimes.”

Some of the burglaries have resulted in the theft of valuable items, including jewelry, electronics and guns.

Jamison said the area afflicted with the burglaries will see an increased police presence and urged residents to remain vigilant.

As an “intelligence-led and victim-driven police department,” Jamison said the department is committed to proactive identification of crime trends and informing the public.

“Our aim is to reduce the likelihood of additional victimization as well as to gather investigative tips to lead to arrests,” Jamison said.

In the past Jamison said the police department might not have released such information to the public, but that has changed as the department became more proactive in terms of crime prevention in recent years.

Citizens may report crime tips anonymously through the police department’s tipsline at 615-TIPS. Alternatively, anonymous crime tips may also be submitted via the Internet or from a cell phone. For more information, visit the department’s website and click on the Submit a Tip icon.

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