Bradford conducts finance meeting to review budget

By Susan Hartley

March 14, 2014

Heather Canan

For the Daily Call


BRADFORD — The Village of Bradford held a special finance meeting to go over the 2014 budget Thursday. Six council members, four community members, an engineer, mayor, village administrator and treasurer were all in attendance.

Village Administrator Rick Looker dove right into 2014 projected budget. Most of the budget was similar to last year’s in reflection of actual spending. He went through each of the village’s accounts to show how much money was budgeted last year, how much was actually spent and the projected budget for 2014.

Looker had a special section marked for ‘possible additions to the budget.’ He listed items that were previously mentioned as items that the council would like to see completed this year. Items on the list included having the Zoning and Ordinance manuals updated, budgeted at $5,000, dump truck budgeted for $31,000, a mower budgeted for $8-12,000, flow study for the waste water plant at a possible cost of $15,000, sewer connection at the Brethren church budgeted at $15,000, microfiche old minutes at a budget of $5,000 and seed and leveling at the water plant for $5,000.

Council member Jeff Wirrig suggested budgeting $6,000 for park expenses. Looker said that the surveillance cameras in the park needed updated and that the village needed a new DVR.

Looker was happy to share that the village has saved $90,000 during the last nine years in the water fund. He wanted to build the account up in case they needed money for repairs for the water tower. It was hard for him to believe that it has been nearly 10 years since the new water tower was raised.

Looker also let council members know that it was projected that updates to the water plant could cost up to $1.2 million. He said that it needs updating according to the EPA.

The ‘additional’ items for budget were added into the correct accounts as they went through each fund.

Before closing the meeting, it was noted that the village needs to revisit the refuse contract as it ends in May 2015.