Letter to the editor

By Michael Ullery

March 6, 2014

To the Editor:

Politics is all about money (Big Money) because that’s what makes it go around and thrive and our politicians must have it. Only thing I can compare is to is a drug habit. For the unenlightened here is a brief picture of our Congress and Senate and what they must do to get elected and reelected is money.

House candidates on average raked in $1,689,580 in campaign contributions in 2012, that figures out to be about $2,315 per day 24/7/ For the Senate, the numbers climb substantially. Candidates for Senate each raised an average of $10,476,451. That $14,351 per day 24/7 for sic years.

Not all races being equal, Senator Elizabeth Warren raked in $42,506, 349 in her campaign against Senator Brown (mass). Causing it to be the highest race in 2012 as far as dollars being raised and spent.

Raised by both candidates total was $70,665,951. They spent $77,270,031 now I have to ask and every American voter should ask why anybody would spend that kind of money on a job that pays roughly $174,000 per year.

The only thing I could come with after watching these goons was overpaid, under worked (90-plus day schedule this year). Who’s vote is for sale to the highest bidder? The cost of past presidential election cycles — in 2004, total cost was $4.1 billion, 2008 was $5.3, 2012 was $6,3 billion. As long as we have money in our election nothing is going to change. The only way I see to do that is change the Constitution and that had to go through Congress and they don’t want to change their cushy jobs.

Jack Caulfield