New program, new choices

Bethany J. Royer

February 25, 2014

By Bethany J. Royer

Staff Writer


PIQUA — It’s not just baby-sitting, says Debbie Frazier, director of the Greene Street Daycare and Preschool, 415 West Greene St., as she spoke on caring for pre-kindergarten children in line with the state of Ohio criteria.

When taking into consideration learning and development state standards includes infants, Frazier is right. Child assessments in a daycare and preschool setting may be made on those as young as birth on their emotional self-regulation, empathy, and peer interaction. Also, facilities must adhere to Ohio’s Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) rating and improvement system with new Quality Achievement Awards (QAA) standards with ratings from 1- to 5-star established in the fall.

While only the beginning in terms of learning and assessment of those attending daycare and preschools, not to mention a challenge to keep up on the constant evolution of criteria, the Greene Street facility is more than ready. This includes working to attain a star-rating designation later this year, as Frazier introduced a bustling classroom of pre-kindergarten students, a mix of those who missed the school birthday cut-off for kindergarten enrollment on Aug. 1 and those given an extra year to mature.

“We decided to go with the September 30th birthday so if they just missed it and they want to come two years, it still gives them that opportunity and doesn’t entirely close the door,” explained Frazier of the decision and an advocate on giving children that extra time as, “They have to grow up so quickly, anyway.”

The Greene Street Daycare and Preschool wanted to announce registration for those currently enrolled will begin on March 1 and open enrollment to the public will begin March 13. The location has been offering daycare and preschool programs since 1980 and is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

“The church sees this as an outreach ministry,” said Frazier of the non-profit program with a staff of 28 serving over 250 families in the area, for an approximate 63 enrolled.

“We’re trying to meet the needs of families who want a little bit more for their children,” continued Frazier as she explained the new offering next year will provide parents with more choices for their children. Whether it is Monday, Wednesday and Thursday attendance, or just Monday and Wednesday attendance, or the new five day attendance. “We’ve never had that as an opportunity before.”

The Greene Street Daycare and Preschool offers a host of amenities including a large multi-purpose room for winter weather activities, music and science time that includes games and singing, special projects, snack and story time, as well as, before and after school programs for those in kindergarten to fifth-grade.

For more information on the services including costs and hours at the Greene Street Daycare and Preschool location contact Debbie Frazier or Kathy Love at 773-5313.

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