Valentine’s Day becomes a victory for PHS

David Wysong

February 19, 2014

By David Wysong

Staff Writer

Piqua High School and Troy High School have been rivals for 106 years. They’re most known for their battles on the football field, but their battles in other sports are just as tough. The most recent example is basketball. Piqua basketball hasn’t had a winning season since the 2006-2007 season- until this season. So you could say that Troy had been dominating the series in basketball until this season. On January 10, at Troy High School, Piqua came out on top 46-35. Then last Friday, on Valentine’s Day, both Piqua and Troy sides filled the PHS gym decked out in all orange. Brandon Burnside, a student at Piqua High School, was diagnosed with leukemia. So customized orange shirts were sold to raise money for him. Both teams and their fans bought the shirts and made the whole gym completely orange. Also both student sections made their themes “Orange Outs.” It was great to see both schools unified together for this one cause; there was still a game to be played, though. Piqua came in as the favorites with a record of 11-9,and they started out the game up 7-0. Troy still stayed in striking distance the whole game, though, and had the momentum in the beginning of the second half. However, their comeback effort wasn’t enough because Piqua won 55-44. With this game being so big, the Piqua student body stormed the court; the whole gym was electric! Piqua won the game and won the night for Brandon Burnside. Valentine’s Day 2014 was a huge success for Piqua High School.