Mall manager to be thanked for support of city’s residents

By Susan Hartley

February 11, 2014

To the Editor,

I see and hear many individuals in our towns praised for different endeavors and there is someone I consider a real asset to the area, Peggy Henthorn, manager of the Miami Valley Centre Mall in Piqua. There are few organizations that have not been helped by events they have held at the mall or been given favors to make their events, especially for charity, successful.

Peggy goes out of her way to help put our community and its events on the map. A perfect example of getting positive attention for the area is the mall’s annual Spectacular Summer Cruise’in. It is an enormous amount of work and expense. The maintenance men keep the mall well lit and in great shape. Even the parking lot is always clean. The men spend a lot of time, I’m sure, for the upkeep of the huge parking lot and the well kept green spaces. The ladies that keep the food court clean and neat also deserve a “pat on the back.”

In addition to the special events and showcases, each month there is an array of talented entertainers who perform and bingo which are all free for us to enjoy. My son has held the “Race Cars and Future Stars Expo” at the mall for 11 years. The maintenance personnel go beyond what is expected and set up all the tables, chairs and large banners. If anything is needed by the 90-plus participants, they are there to take care of it right away. I have no idea how many organizations have profited by events held both inside and outside the mall complex. Peggy has the building open at 6:30 a.m. each morning so our citizens can exercise safely walking through the mall regardless of the weather. Many citizens take this for granted but I’m sure there is some expense for extra overhead. The owners of the mall also deserve our appreciation for allowing all these services to be available. Remember this when you go shopping or use the building. The next time you are at the mall let Peggy and the mall employees know you appreciate their efforts.

A “thank you” goes a long way and I’m sure they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Edna Stiefel