New cruisers hit the pavement

By Michael Ullery

January 8, 2014

Will E Sanders

Staff Writer


PIQUA — Two new Piqua Police Department cruisers have hit the streets — the first new police cruisers purchased in almost a decade by the city.

The department purchased the two vehicles, Ford Police Interceptor Utility models, in December for $25,700 each.

The combined fleet number of the Piqua Police Department with the new addition of the vehicles is 12, and the two new vehicles were the first new police vehicles the city purchased since 2005.

The department once had a replacement cycle for police vehicles, but that was quickly suspended by the city after the recession hit, said Piqua Police Chief Bruce Jamison.

It was during that time the department started using police vehicles much longer than they normally would have and even purchased used vehicles as opposed to new ones, he added.

Once each of the new cruisers were purchased they both had to have $11,000 worth of modifications performed or installed in order to accommodate police vehicle standards.

Getting away from the Crown Victoria cruisers, Jamison said the new vehicles have all-wheel drive, which is of great service considering Ohio winters.

“We’re happy that our regular fleet all have all-wheel drive now,” Jamison said.

The two new Ford SUV cruisers were first put into service on the Christmas Eve night shift last month.

“So it was a nice Christmas present for the whole community,” Jamison said. “People think us having nice cars is something we want, but we can’t serve them as well if we’re driving junk or if (the vehicles) are breaking down on us all the time.”