Crash victim thankful for those who helped

By Will Sanders

December 25, 2013

On Nov. 5, 2013, I was involved in an accident at 721 and 36 in Bradford. Fortunately for all parties, injuries were less serious than what they could have been. To the gentleman I hit, I am truly sorry. To the medics and crew that came to my aid, I say “Thank you.” I want to thank the young man who came to my driver side and talked to me to keep me calm until they arrived. I don’t know your name but you know who you are and it helped a lot. To the staff at Upper Valley Medical Center Emergency Room, thank you. You saw the need to move me to Miami Valley and I appreciate your honesty and professionalism. To the Transport Team Russ Sanderson and Steve Jackson, thank you for your service to the community. Steve, thank you for the talk and prayers in the back, it made the ride faster. To Miami Valley Hospital Emergency Staff and Trauma Unit, you were right there when I arrived and did your jobs so well that you made me unafraid. I cannot tell you all how grateful I am. To my co-workers, Brenda Selanders and Rick Looker, you know how I feel about you. Thanks for what you did. Last of all, but the most, I want to thank God because he was with me the whole time. Because of the wonderful care I received that day and beyond, I will enjoy a Merry Christmas with my family.

Linda Smith, West Milton