Advice no. 3

PA Announcement: Attention, the following personnel have volunteered to go on a ten-mile fitness hike. [Silence]- M.A.S.H. 4077 TV episode, Dear DadDivorce has once again touched my family and to be honest, I’d much rather volunteer for a ten-mile fitness hike as I struggle with the inescapable need to dole out advice. Not to say I did not give some advice to one of the parties but managed to whittle the book down to three pieces....

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Former mayor endorses Wall

To the Editor:On Tuesday, May 6, the electorate will have the opportunity to elect a new judge for the Miami County Court of Common Pleas. Take a look at the qualifications of candidates Stacy Wall and Jeannine Pratt; after close examination, Stacy Wall is the preferred candidate.As the mayor of Piqua from 2006-2009, it was my privilege to have Stacy serve as our law director for two and a half years. What I appreciated most was her dedication to the job and the attentio...

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Wall ‘preferred’ candiate for judge

To the Editor:On May 6, Miami County voters will have an opportunity to vote for a new municipal judge. I have been privileged to witness Stacy Wall in a court of law and am very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge of the legal system and ability to relate to those individuals she encounters on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that the Miami County Bar Association voted for Ms. Wall as the “preferred” candidate in this upcoming election. I believe her crede...

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Levy a small price to pay

To the Editor,With the upcoming School renewal tax on the ballot for May 6, Piqua families will have the opportunity to show their support for our local schools. Before you vote, please consider the facts.

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Living with Children

John RosemondQ: Our 4-year-old son (middle child with older and younger sisters) frequently uses “baby talk.” It doesn’t seem to be a way of seeking attention, because when we ask him to repeat in his “big boy voice” he will do so, and he only does this with us. Is correcting him making a bigger deal out of it than necessary and possibly making it worse?

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Wall has ‘broad range of experience and leadership’

To the Editor:Yard signs are dotting the landscape and many people are receiving calls and mailings from the candidates for Common Pleas Court Judge. But the number of signs and other publicity only give you a small picture of who a candidate really is.

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Keeping It Real

The Most Important Lesson Taught at SchoolBy Holly McElweeI usually write for parents in this space, but today I’d like to address students directly. I suspect parents already know this message, so here’s a secret I’d like to share with students. Kids, the most important lesson you’re learning at school isn’t an academic one. The most important lesson is how to handle life.

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Writers urge voters to say yes to levy

To the Editor:My wife and I would like to express our support for the upcoming Piqua City Schools improvement renewal levy on the ballot May 6. As former Piqua City School (PCS) students, we care much for the valuable education we received from their institutions. Both of us went away to college well prepared for our time there, and have since returned to plant our family roots right back here in Piqua. First, because we think it’s a great community, but additionally we want ...

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The spirit of tolerance

At this point in our nation’s history – indeed at this point in the history of Western Civilization — it has become quite apparent that the defenders of natural marriage have lost the argument over gay marriage, at least for the foreseeable future. Last summer, the Supreme Court overturned the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA. Since then, lower federal courts encompassing states from Texas to Virginia and, most recently, Ohio have continued to chip away at laws...

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How do I start to change?

Editor’s Note: This is part two in Martin’s change series, part one ran Feb. 27, part two April 7

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Easter Reflection Quieting our fears

Rev. Kazy Blocher HindsThe angel said, “Do not be afraid.” We hear these words quite a bit in the Bible.But we are afraid, aren’t we? Our world tells us to be afraid, to live in fear of what could happen. We have security systems. We have creams that say they can keep us looking young. We have been taught to fear the aging process. Every where we look we find something that promotes fear.

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GRANDPARENTINGBY TOM AND DEE AND COUSIN KEYDear Grandparenting: I like to stay active. I have always been a swimmer and picked up the habit of manual labor growing up on a farm. God has been good. I am going on 75 and people say I look 60! I am the grandmother of seven. I live near a city with a professional basketball team. My girlfriend mentioned she heard saw the team was having tryouts for senior dancers to entertain the fans. I applied and was accepted. We get out t...

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A vote ‘for’ levy is logical choice

To the Editor:It will be a logical and good decision to vote for the renewal of a small permanent improvement levy for Piqua City Schools when we see it on our ballot on May 6. We certainly intend to support it, and we would urge you to do the same. Why such a good decision? Consider the following:• It is a renewal levy. That means absolutely no increase in property taxes.• Money from this permanent improvement levy will not be used for salaries no...

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French: elect ‘best qualified candidate’

To the Editor:The position of Court of Common Pleas Judge is very important to maintain law, order and the social fabric of a community.Such a judge should be a person of high intelligence, wide legal experience, maturity, good judgment, excellent training and qualifications, experience in a variety of communities, and be as independent as possible from “power structures” or political parties.In the Republican Primary in Miami County, two candidate...

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The skinny on holiday dieting

I love Easter. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. It’s just the weeks after the holidays that are a problem.There is one thing that all these events have in common. Food. Lots of food. Since I try to be as polite as possible, I would never dream of offending anyone by not eating all the great food people spend so much time making for h...

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